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    Preggy post: Week 10 and 11

    Week 10 and 11 went along well, after bedrest I was back at work. No more bleeding which is awesome – the bleeding honestly scares me quite a bit. Feeling a bit more pregnant with a whole host of symptoms. We had our 10 week doctor visit and did our Harmony test.

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    Preggy post: Week 8 and 9

    We had our scare in Week 7, so Week 8 and 9 were a bit more relaxed. I was under bed rest for week  8 and week 9, so there was minimal activity on my part. Here’s how I feel in week 8 and 9.

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    Testing for allergies

    My little girl is allergic to eggs and peanuts (as well as some other nuts such as almonds). We found this out right about the one year mark. It seems strange given that my husband and I don’t have allergies to food. I don’t have any known allergies, and my husband has a slight allergy to grass but other than that nothing.

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    Preggy post: Week 6 and 7

    Let me share with you how I felt during week 6 and 7 of pregnancy for baby number 2. These first weeks sort of run into each other so I do apologise for not doing a week by week. We were also travelling during this time so it gets a bit sketchy.

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    I thought I miscarried at 7 weeks

    Severe bleeding in Sydney

    When we were in Sydney on the second last day, I picked up my almost two year old and felt a gush of liquid from below – somewhat like when you have a very heavy bleed. At first, I thought that it was discharge, but then it gushed again. I’ve never had that much discharge come out at once. When I checked myself, it was blood – soaking my pantiliner and my panties. I was convinced that I had miscarried.

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    A day in the life of my 23 month old

    Recently my 23 month old has been eating non stop throughout the day, let me share with you what a typical day in the life looks like. I just started weaning her off the boob in the morning and night so I haven’t included that in the schedule.

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    Surprise! Baby makes 4!

    Apologies for the radio silence. Now you know why I was away! I’m currently just at 12 weeks so you’re getting a delayed update.

    Here’s the post

    I am 10 days late on my period and reasonably certain that I am expecting. My husband insists that we confirm it by taking not one but two pregnancy tests to confirm that we indeed are. As of this morning, I am officially pregnant! We are going to be a family of 4 in January 2019! (This is according to the online due date calculator btw, not an official source at all) We debated whether or not to head into the gynea before our trip and honestly, I feel that I don’t need to go in yet. They will:

    1. Tell me that I have to take prenatal vitamins and DHA (which I already am)
    2. Inform me of my estimated due date (which I used the online calculator to estimate)
    3. Give me a scan to see the baby and potentially hear a heartbeat

    I feel more relaxed this time around as compared to the first. However, there are a few things which are worrying me.

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    Bilpin Country Lodge

    When we were in Sydney, we took a farm stay for the first time as a family. We decided on the Bilpin Country Lodge. The lodge is located in Bilpin the Blue Mountains which is about 2.5 hours outside of Sydney Centre. We stayed at the lodge for two nights, in a Family 3 person room with a Garden View. It cost us about AUD$230 per night. You can check out their facilities here. Apologies I didn’t take many pictures while we were there – it’s a bit challenging when you’ve got an active toddler running around.

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    Taronga Zoo Adventures

    My husband and I love heading to the Taronga Zoo everytime we are in Sydney, not just for the animals but for the view! This trip to Sydney was no different. We took the opportunity to bring our amost 2 year old to see some animals and have a good day out. We are early risers so we got up nice and early, had breakfast in the hotel before heading out to the zoo. The zoo opens at 9:30AM so getting up at 7:30AM works for us to get ready, fed and packed to head out the door and to the zoo.

    Here are some of the details of the zoo as well as some tips.

    Opening hours

    May – Aug: 9.30am – 4.30pm
    Sept – Apr: 9.30am – 5.00pm
    New Years Eve: 9.30am – 4.00pm

    Ticket prices

    Adult: AUD$47 at the gate; AUD$42.30 (20% off) online

    Child (4-15 Years): AUD$27 at the gate; AUD$24.30 (20% off) online

    Kids under 4 are free!

    Tip: Buy your tickets online, there’s no need to print it out, they will scan your smartphone at the entry gate.

    Getting there

    Taronga Zoo is located on Bradleys Head, Mosman. The Zoo is located 12 minutes from Circular Quay by ferry or a short bus/train trip from the city or North Sydney. You can also get there by bus and by car. The trip by car from our part of town took us 25 minutes. Parking is readily available at the Zoo. Entry to the car park is from Bradleys Head Road. The car park day rate is $18.

    Find out more about getting to the zoo here on their website.

    Tip: We personally like taking the ferry if the weather forecast is good. There is a good view of Sydney’s iconic Opera House, bridges and Luna Park. If the weather looks a bit iffy, we drive just so we are able to leave anytime and won’t get caught in the rain. The steps from the ferry to the cable car is unsheltered and if you have a buggy with you, you may face some difficulties getting up the steps.

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    Chinese First foods

    There are lots of resources out there for mums from the western world but not so many resources for those in Asian countries (in English that is). I’m orinigally from Malaysia so I don’t actually know how to read chinese characters. I found that when I was looking into what baby could eat which was more Asian, resources were quite limited so here’s what I’ve compiled over the couple of months researching baby food.